Why Progressive Promotions

We know our industries – They are some of the largest companies and brands in the world

We have the right credentials – From awards to certifications

We have references – Let us show you how we have earned the trust of your colleagues

We listen – Creativity does not have a “one size fits all” model

We are knowledgeable – From the hottest product trends to the best methods of displaying and representing your brand in the best ways possible

We are deadline driven – With our “on time” and “on target” practices, our best-in-class Account Managers and Sales Assistants always have your service levels monitored

We respect your profitability – Our proven methods in sourcing and buying will be a demonstrated to your management

We are great communicators – From the start of your project to analyzing its results, we are with you all the way

We are partners – We measure success on your repeat business

We are sustainable – Celebrating over 25 years in the business